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Available Labs

A Series of Copper Reactions

Calorimetry – Heats of Solution

Determination of Universal Gas Constant, R

Determining the Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide

Law of Multiple Proportions

Chemical Equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle

Reaction Kinetics – Spectophotometric Determination of a Rate Law

Determining Ksp of Lead(II) Iodide

Determining Solubility of an Unknown Salt at Various Temperatures

Determining the Acid Dissociation Constant, Ka, for a Weak Acid

Redox Chemistry – Activity of Metals

Significant Figures and Measurement of Density

Stoichiometry of Lead Iodide

Calorimetry and Hess’s Law

Classifying Chemical Reactions

Colligative Properties of Solution – Freezing Point Depression

Electrochemical Cells and the Nernst Equation

The Bohr Model and Spectroscopy of the Hydrogen Atom

Estimation of Absolute Zero

Reaction Kinetics – the Iodine Clock Reaction

Periodic Properties of Some Elements

Qualitative Analysis of a Group of Cations

Separation and Recovery of Components of a Ternary Mixture

Determining Molar Mass of an Unknown Acid by Titration

Determining the Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid

Paper Chromatography:  Separation of Transition Metal Cations

Lewis Structures and Molecular Shape

Thermodynamics of Solubility

Synthesis of Potassium Alum

Water of Hydration