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You need to communicate an array of diverse topics to your students to ensure that they achieve the most from their college experience. Fountainhead Press works with you to create an institution-specific solution to your textbook needs. This proven model helps you control the course outcome, while providing your students the tools necessary to succeed.

The Benefits

This basic guide can grow over time to replace numerous other texts either required or recommended in your program.

The Results

The result of this collaboration is a high-quality text that allows you to control:

  • The content (creating consistency and eliminating waste)
  • The price to students (why should they pay exorbitant prices?)
  • The royalty you and/or your department receives (fair to everyone involved)
  • The revision cycle (we revise when you tell us)

More Options

You have the option of including material that is specific to your course and institution. Syllabi, library resources, login requirements, grading criteria, plagiarism policies, sample student papers, profiles of outstanding graduates, career opportunities. You provide Fountainhead Press with electronic files, and we do the rest, including design, page layout, permissioning, and proofing.

Control the Outcome of your Course

Fountainhead Press is dedicated to fostering a community of like-minded educators who are committed to producing a high quality, inexpensive product that specifically addresses the desired outcomes of their course. As publisher we facilitate the sharing of appropriate content within this community.


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