Experiments and Lab Techniques



  • Clear, Logical Explanations.  Difficult concepts and complex procedures are written in a simple, straightforward style to ensure student understanding.


  • Research & Allied Health Emphasis.  Exercises have been chosen and written to emphasize medical applications of microbiology for nursing and other allied health majors.  However, what makes science fun is having the opportunity to design independent experiments.  Therefore an experimental research theme is interwoven throughout the manual.


  • Critical Thinking.  Students need to learn more than facts.  More and more, allied health professionals are being expected to problem-solve and apply their training to novel situations. Throughout this book, discussion questions are designed to become progressively more challenging and require more critical thought from the students.


  • Supplemental Software:  The manual is accompanied by a software package containing four computer programs.


  • Cost.  Textbook costs have become prohibitive to many students. The student cost of this book is one-half to one-third the cost of other microbiology lab manuals.




About the Author


Gary Alderson received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  He has publications in microbiology as well as teaching methodology.  Dr. Alderson is a Professor Emeritus at Palomar College where he has been teaching microbiology for 35 years.  Dr. Alderson has earned three local and national teaching awards.