The Speaker's Primer

Valenzano  •  Braden  •  Broeckelman-Post

print isbn: 978-1-68036-321-0

ebook isbn: 978-1-59871-946-8


The Speaker’s Primer is a concise, practical guide to crafting and delivering a range of presentations in a variety of professional settings. The authors give specialized advice on public speaking in business, health care, education, politics, and the STEM fields.

The second edition features the same accessible, tips-and-tricks style of the first, and adds both a new chapter discussing culture and diversity and a new section on the importance and ethical dimension of being a good listener. Additionally, each chapter now contains new activities that prompt students to apply chapter concepts in practical use.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Public Communication

  2. Speech Anxiety

  3. Speaking and Ethics

  4. Speaking in and to Different Disciplines

  5. Culture and Diversity

  6. Topic Selection

  7. Research and Preparation

  8. Audience Analysis

  9. Supporting Materials

10. Context and the Speech Situation

11. Outlining

12. Introductions, Conclusions, and Connective Statements

13. Reasoning

14. Informative Speeches

15. Persuasive Speeches

16. Commemorative Speeches

17. Presentation Aids

18. Language

19. Delivery

20. Practice

21. Group Presentations