The Speaker

The Tradition and Practice of Public Speaking

Table of Contents

Public Speaking, A Long Tradition

Education Then and Now

Public Speaking and Classical Education

Cicero and the Practice of Rhetoric

Speech as a Force in Our Lives

The Practice of Public Speaking

Fear and Public Speaking

Listening and Public Speaking

Ethical Considerations in Speech

Research and Preparation

Topic Selection

Information Literacy

Finding Sources

Citation Guides


Verbal Elements of Delivery

Nonverbal Elements of Delivery

Modes of Delivery

Presentation Aids

Presentation Aids

Visual Communication Concepts

Developing and Using Presentation Aids

The Speaking Environment

The Speech Environment/Situational Speaking

Speech as Spectacle

Making Proper Use of Scene

Mediated Presentation Considerations

Analyzing Audience

Methods of Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis and Speech Development

Analyzing the Audience During the Speech


Meaning and Symbols

Forms and Uses of Language

Guidelines for Using Language


Outlining Principles

Preparation Outline Components

Language and Outlines

Speaking Outline

Outline Template

Informative Speaking

Informative Speaking Overview

Types of Informative Speeches

Goals and Strategies for Informative Speaking

Situations for Informative Speaking

Crafting an Informative Speech

Informative Speech Introductions

Informative Speech Body

Informative Speech Conclusions

Types of Persuasion

Forms of Persuasive Speech

Aristotle on Persuasive Speaking

The Persuasive Process

Developing Emotion in Persuasive Appeals

Reasoning and Persuasion

Classical Model of Reasoning

The Toulmin Model

Reasoning Fallacies

Crafting a Persuasive Speech

Classical Speech Structure

Contemporary Speech Introductions and Conclusions

Organizational Patterns for Persuasive Speeches

Epideictic Address

Epideictic Address: The Third Genre

Different Forms of Epideictic Address

Goals and Strategies for Epideictic Address

Constructing an Epideictic Address

Epideictic Speech Introductions

Epideictic Speech Body

Epideictic Speech Conclusions


Speech Examples

Key Terms

Key People