The Fountainhead Press V Series is a new collection of single-topic readers that offer a comprehensive look at some of today’s most pressing issues. Designed to give writing students a more nuanced introduction to public discourse, the books feature invention, research, and writing prompts that can be adapted to nearly any kind of college writing class.


  • Inexpensive
  • Timely issues that students encounter on a daily basis
  • Multi-genre & multimodal readings
  • Assignments and projects that go beyond the page, including web site design, poster lay-outs, and video presentations
  • Thorough research assignments that require students to collect and synthesize primary and secondary material
  • Community involvement projects
  • Printed on Recycled paper

Books in the Series



by Lee Bauknight and Brooke Rollins

GreenEach of these selections stand on their own as a significant contribution to the public discourse about the environment, and taken together they create a narrative—a complicated story about America’s relationship to, appropriation of, and identification with nature.
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by Lee Bauknight and Brooke Rollins

FoodFar more than providing sustenance, food defines us. It connects us with people and places. It sets us in relation to others. It calls up important questions of sustainability and production, of ethics and responsibility.
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by Stephanie Vie

edentityToday, as we live more and more of our lives in online spaces, we carry with us an "(e)dentity," an electronic identity composed of the digital traces left behind as we participate in virtual worlds. Every time we upload pictures to social networking sites, create avatars in online games, blog or tweet about our lives, or buy online products, we generate digital evidence that, when examined, form unique, individual (e)dentities.
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by Isabel Baca

BordersBorders examines the geographical, political, and cultural region of the Southwest. It focuses on "The Border," a geographical demarcation separating the U.S. and Mexico. Beyond the physical line that separates both countries, it explores the "cultural borders" that individuals living in this region experience—conflicts over individual identity, literacy issues, social position, and a sense of belonging within one or both cultures.
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by Kenneth Gillam

moneyThese articles, excerpts, songs, and images will give students a wider perspective on money as an incredibly powerful entity—from the economic systems that make it work, to the social systems that can’t work without it, to the people on whom money works its influence.
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by Brandy Ball Blake and L. Andrew Cooper

monsters It’s under the bed; it’s in the closet. It’s the thing in the basement, but it’s also the thing in the mirror, hot breath on the back of your neck, cold eyes staring at you with loathing and hunger. The selections in this text prompt you to think critically and learn about a phenomenon that stretches across multiple cultures and time periods and to participate in conversations about the issues that surround monsters and the monstrous.

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by Rachelle M. Smith

deathWith a life expectancy of 78 in the United States, death has now become the domain of the very old or the very unfortunate, so it is no wonder that death has become something of a mystery despite the fact that we will all eventually die. Given our unease with death, this book includes a collection of works designed to demystify the topic.

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by Shane Borrowman

authenticityMatters of authenticity are matters of accuracy, matters of truthfulness, matters of reliability and legitimacy. While Authenticity begins with Custer and the questions about his legend’s reliability (when tourists and saloon patrons are being rhetorically targeted), it moves through issues of creativity and nonfiction, ghostwriting and grade inflation, padded resumes and online dating. In the end, Authenticity considers, via Plato, the question as old as western philosophy itself: How do we know that anything we know is, in fact, real?
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by Sujata Iyengar and Allison Lenhardt

healthIs "health" merely the absence of sickness, or is it a positive quality in its own right? If "health" exists on its own, how would you describe it? Is it the act of caring for ourselves and others, or does "health" mean the process of curing or treating disease? Is happiness a part of being healthy? The essays and excerpts in this text will take you through different ways of understanding your own health, the health of a nation, and the health of those who are dear to you.

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by Rod Taylor

(E)TunesMusic is everywhere: from our cars to our iPods, our TVs to our bedrooms. The experience, cultural relevance, and enjoyment of music and its accompanying manifestations, like album artwork and method of release, create this collection of modern readings. Music delves even deeper than that, between song verses, to reveal inner workings of the industry.
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by Catherine Cucinella

FunnySarcastic inside jokes, viral videos, Internet memes: what makes these funny? By looking at the nature of funniness through humor and laughter, Funny shows how analyzing humor can be serious business, turning a critical eye on the subject to get students both thinking and laughing. Funny calls readers to consider humor’s cultural and historical contexts through both contemporary and classic examples. Political humor, humor’s effect on health and well-being, and humor and social perspective name just a few of the diverse selections this timely reader offers.

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