Chapter 2 Video Links

Figure 2.1

A defense of rhetoric


Figure 2.2

The Rhetorical Tetrahedron with a focus on the appeals of logos, ethos, pathos, and kairos.


Figure 2.8

New Team Jordan Signature Shoes: celebrities and designers add their credibility to Nike’s discussion of these shoes.


Figure 2.12

This public service announcement uses a song to elicit pathos, and a celebrity to create ethos.


Figure 2.18

FDA announcement unveiling the new cigarette warning ads.


Figure 2.19

Testimonies from former smokers are effective, but are they too effective?


Figure 2.22

The unfortunate shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School provided a kairotic moment to discuss gun control.


Figure 2.24

This AT&T ad shows how writing technologies can work together to solve problems more quickly.


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